SUNDAY, 15th OCTOBER 2017 – 3pm

Afternoon tea

with Terry Waite CBE.

*** SOLD OUT ***

Of course, everyone knows Terry Waite from the 1,763 days he was held captive by the Islamic Jihad Organisation in Lebanon, whilst working as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Envoy.
Since his early days, he has shown a commitment to Christianity, and he is both an Anglican and a Quaker. Before his being taken hostage, he worked extensively throughout the world, principally in Africa.

His first account of his time in captivity, Taken on Trust, became an international bestseller. His second book, containing meditations of that time, Footfalls In Memory, also became a bestseller. Since then, he was written several books, many essays, and has contributed to many journals and periodicals.





Venue: Frinton Tennis Club   Tickets: SOLD OUT