Saturday, 20th October, Frinton Golf Club

The Philomena Dwyer Literary Lunch
Susan Fletcher

Susan Fletcher was born in Birmingham, studied at York and then graduated from the UEA Creative Writing Course. Her first novel, Eve Green, won the 2004 Whitbread First Novel Award and became a Richard and Judy Summer Read in 2005. She has since written many other novels, such as Oystercatchers, Corrag, Witch Light, The Highland Witch and The Silver Dark Sea.

June 1914 and a young woman – Clara Waterfield – is summoned to a large stone houseĀ in Gloucestershire. Her task: to fill a greenhouse with exotic plants from Kew Gardens, to create a private paradise for the owner of Shadowbrook. Yet, on arrival, Clara hears rumours: something is wrong with this quiet, wisteria- covered house. The owner is mostly absent; the housekeeper and maids seem afraid. And soon, Clara understands their fear: for something – or someone – is walking through the house at night. Reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier, this is a wonderful, atmospheric Gothic page-turner. House of Glass is a compelling, wonderful historical gothic novel about lies, love and ghosts set against the backdrop of a Britain on the cusp of the First World War.