2019 Festival

Schools Programme

When Ruth Fitzgerald was six she wanted to be a writer but her teacher advised her to get a proper job. She followed that advice for many years but kept getting in trouble for giggling in management meetings.
One day when Ruth was drinking a cup of tea (her favourite thing to do) a funny character called ‘Emily Sparkes’ popped into her head and started talking. Now Ruth writes books and stories instead of attending meetings and everyone is much happier, especially the managers.
Ruth lives in Suffolk with her family, three chickens and a very tiny dog.

One day I was sitting, minding my own business when a girl popped into my head and started talking. She was fed up with her parents for being a bit useless and fed up with her friends for being, well, a bit rubbish at being friends. The more she told me, the funnier it got, so I started to write down what it was like to be Emily Sparkes. Now lots of people tell me they feel just like Emily, too.